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I'm an Expense Manager and Budgeting tool, featuring projects, payees, locations and transfers, split, scheduled & recurring transactions, budgets, multiple currencies and exchange rates



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Easily track your expenses with this collaborative Financial Software always in the hands. It's one of the very few Expense Manager and Budgeting tool to work even when offline. You always know your exact cash position so you can concentrate on your real job.

Enchant Collaboration, Simplify Recording, Make Budgeting Amazing

I wrote Flowzr because I wanted the full-featured, un-bloated Financial tool. Our research interests gravitate around both personal & small business needs. No-ads, no spam, no email reminder. Flowzr available for free without registration required and instant setup.
Flowzr provide push notification to keep Android devices up to date. You can scan receipt and invoice with the camera and find them on the Web Interface, linked to transaction or in your Google Drive Folder. Flowzr provide you one of the best document management solution.
At first you should set up all your recurring transaction from the Android App. Then you should setup a Budget. Beyond recurring transactions & recurring budgets advanced use include full-featured multi-currency support. Flowzr also handle complex template transactions. In case you need it it allows split transactions and split transfers.

Selling private data has no value for me

We recognize that your privacy is important to you. Flowzr provide you a strong Privacy Policy: "Flowzr do not share any of your data with any third party for any purpose". This is a contract. But Flowzr does not ask you your name, adress or any personnal information. So if we would, we simply couldn't. Not conviced ? Well, simply use a unique fake email adress, and we won't be able to track you down. Not conviced again ? install your own private cloud instance

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Available for free and at $1.99, unlimited number of users, unlimited number of devices.

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